1897 - 1929

Love and Let Jesus and Mary have Their Way
was Dina Bélanger's motto

Important Dates in Her Life
1897 - April 30          Birth in Québec
1903   Beginning of her studies at St. Roche Convent
1907 - May 2          First Communion and Confirmation
1909 - March 25          A deeper experience of God
1911 - 1913          A boarder at Bellevue Convent
1916 - 1918         Musical studies in New York
1918 - 1921          Concerts for charitable works
1921 - August 11         Entrance to the novitiate of Jesus and Mary
1922 - February 15         Clothing ceremony
1923 - August 15         Religious profession
1924 - March          Beginning of her Autobiography
1928 - August 15         Final vows
1929 - September 4         Dina's death

1939 - 1956          Diocesan process in Québec
1982 - July 12          Promulgation of the Decree introducing the cause for Beatification
1989 - May 13         Dina proclaimed Venerable
1990 - July 10         The Decree approving the miracle
1993 - March 20         Dina BEATIFIED

September 4 - Liturgical Feast day of Blessed Dina Bélanger


         Dina Bélanger was born in St. Roch parish, Québec City. She was beloved by her parents whose one desire was to give her a truly Christian education, and they taught her to pray while she was still very young.

         Dina was intelligent and studious. Though she succeeded very well, she remained simple and unassuming.

         Very gifted for music, she spent two years completing her studies at the New York Convervatory. On returning to Québec, in June 1918, she gave concerts for the benefit of various works of charity. Her love for the poor was exceptional.

         On August 11, 1921, Dina entered the novitiate of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, at Sillery.

         After her religious profession, she gave piano lessons. Her pupils still remember her kindness, her love for work well done and her remarkable musical talent.

         As a child, as a cherished young girl, as a fervent religious and even as a patient, she lived a life of love for God. However, she kept the depth of her intimacy with Jesus well hidden.

         Nevertheless, her autobiography reveals part of this secret and tells us something of her relationship with the Heart of Jesus.

All my infinite treasures are yours. Through my Holy Mother, give them to souls.

         Dina's trust in the riches of the Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist was total. One day, she heard Jesus say:

My Heart overflows with graces for souls. Lead them to my Eucharist Heart.

         During the last month of her short life, while in the infirmary, Dina often repeated these words:

I am going to God to work for my Congregation till the end of time ... for other souls likewise ... I will give joy.

         She died peacefully on September 4, 1929, in the 33rd year of her life.


In the Chapel of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, at Sillery, P.Q.,
you may pray at the tomb of Blessed Dina Bélanger.

The Relgious of Jesus and Mary
Provincial House
2049, St. Louis Road
Sillery, Québec, G1T 1P2
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Reprinted here with permission of the Religious of Jesus and Mary.