Blessed Dina Bélanger
Soeur Marie-Sainte-Cécile de Rome

Dina was the daughter of Olivier-Octave BÉLANGER and Séraphia MATTE who were married at Neuville, Portneuf Cnty., Québec on 23 June 1896.

Not many French-canadian families can claim the honor of having a family member that the Church has honored by raising her to the rank of Venerable. This young girl was educated at Saint-Roch, then at the College of Bellevue directed by the Ladies of the Congregation.

From 1916 to 1918, Dina studied piano at the Conservatory of Music in New York. She, then, entered the convent of Jésus-Marie in 1921. She professed her vows two years later, using the religious name of Sister Marie de Sainte-Cécile of Rome; she prounced her perpetual vows in 1928. Less than a year later, afflicted with a pulmonary disease, she went into the convent infirmary and died there on 4 Septembre 1929.

Despite her brief existance, Dina was renowed as a great mystic. Sixty years after her death, on 13 May 1989, the Holy See recognized the heroism of her virtues and gave her the title of VENERABLE. In the simplicity of her exterior existence as child, young girl and religious, she led an interior life of a seraphin, of an angel. She was raised to terrific heights in the areas of enlightment and divin love.

In 1951, the remains of Dina Bélanger were placed in a lead sarcophagus and transfered to the religious community cemetery at Sillery. There are many people who go to kneel in prayer at her tomb. Her beatification cause has been completed and she was declared BLESSED on 20 March 1993. Her canonisation process has already been placed in the hands of the Holy See.

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(1) Article written in French by Armand Bélanger
Translated by Norm Léveillée with permission from the website of the L'Association des familles Bélanger, Inc. .